Tastes of our homeland

Asturian products are the origin and the basis of an honest, authentic cuisine, respectful with the past. In our kitchens, the tradition of one of the most important Asturian principles becomes real: good gastronomy. From the combination of native products and the wisdom of our cooks, the typical Asturian flavors become real: the unique Asturian stews, the tasty fish and seafood from the Cantabrian Sea, the most emblematic cheeses of Asturias, its unique cured meats, the authentic “pitu caleya” (chickens raised only with natural food), the delicious “cachopo” (large veal fillets filled with cured ham and cheese), or the most exquisite “llambionaes” (deserts), such as the creamy “arroz con leche” (burnt rice pudding).

Tapas to get a tasty bite

8,00 €

Fries with spicy sauce

1,80 €/ud.

Cured ham croquettes

14,80 €

Sunny-side up crushed eggs, fries, prawns and cured ham

21,90 €

Fried calamari with lemon

14,90 €

Traditional fried chicken with garlic

19,90 €

Home-made veal tripe stew with baked potatoes

18,50 €

Omelette with cod, chili peppers and fried chives

24,00 €

Grilled octopus from Tazones with potatoes

7,50 €

Rustic salad of lettuce and chives

14,00 €

Traditional shoulder of pork, boiled potatoes, olive oil and paprika

16,90 €

“Beyond Meat” hamburger (vegan)

Gherkin, mustard, lettuce, tomato, chives, smoked cheese, and our special barbecue sauce

Asturian cheeses

14,00 €

“Gamoneu del Puerto Gumartini” cheese (only in season)

12,00 €

“Teyedu”, the best Cabrales cheese of the world

7,50 €

“Pria” 3 milks white cheese

7,50 €

Ice-cider-flavored “Tresmil” blue cheese

Cured meats

28,00 €

Iberian cured ham from acorn-fed pigs (Guijuelo PDO)

12,50 €

Cured pork sausage from Aviles, with potatoes

22,90 €

Wagyu 100% Full Blood smoked meat

6,00 €

“Chorizo Tarabicu” (sweet cured pork sausage)


18,00 €

Fabada Asturiana (Asturian bean stew with pork – only on Saturdays)

18,00 €

Pote Asturiano (Asturian vegetable stew – only on Sundays)


28,00 €

With “Pitu Caleya” (Asturian chicken)

50,00 €/2 pax.

With grilled king crab (only in season)


12,00 €

Mussels in spicy sauce (fried or steamed)


Grilled blue lobster


Asturian crabs (boiled or grilled)


King crab from the Cantabrian Sea


28,00 €

Grilled cod with fried chives and potatoes

28,00 €

Line-caught stewed hake


Daily fresh fish fried in pan


Daily fresh fish from the local market

Grass-fed meats

29,00 €

Matured beef sirloin steak with fries

25,00 €

XL-size Asturian veal “cachopo” (fillets filled with ham and cheese)

58 €/ Kg

Matured beef T-bone steak, fries and candied peppers

“Llambionaes” (Desserts)

7,00 €

“Mucho Queso” (Lots of cheese)

Creamy hot cheesecake, and blueberry sorbet

7,00 €

“Puro Chocolate” (Pure chocolate)

Chocolate cake mix, and peach ice cream

7,00 €

“Almendras” (Almonds)

Delicious “Santiago” almond cake, and “Marañuela” (Asturian cookie) ice cream

7,00 €

“Oda a la Manzana” (Ode to the apple)

Pastry, apple, and baked apple ice cream

7,00 €

“Arroz con Leche” (Rice pudding)

Creamy, and burnt

3,60 €

“Bombón de La Ibense” (chocolate and vanilla popsicle ice cream)

A “classic” one