Cider houses,
the very essence from Asturias

At El Roxu we like the word “roots”. Roots sustain us, and in cider (sidra) lies our soul. We defend and practice the return to our origins, to our tradition, to the cozy proximity of the “chigre” (cider bar), where everyone knows each other by their names and enjoys tasting slowly and with delight the pleasures of the homeland. Because for Asturians, there is always a good excuse to get together in a cider house.

The taste of tradition

Product is the cornerstone on which a homeland cuisine is based, where traditional recipes shine under the light of the raw materials quality, and the mastery of its elaborations. Traditional cuisine, in which genuine things, good work and local products prevail, produces the simplest delicacies, enclosed in the authenticity of a restaurant designed to enjoy and share, relax and delight, without further complications.

From our wineries

At El Roxu, the most emblematic drink of Asturias is the main pillar of the cider culture, and makes possible the art of gathering around a “culín” (a drop of cider). Ciders with Protected Designation of Origin, Asturias Ciders, are our letter of introduction: a wide variety of products in pouring cider, 100% Asturian, together with brut ciders, table ciders, ice ciders, and cider spirits. A careful selection of ciders that represents the maximum expression of the Asturian tradition.

Tastes of our homeland

From the humblest beginnings to the greatest pleasures, including the essence of our sea products and grass-fed meats, the kitchen of El Roxu offers an unique tour for the flavors of Asturias in every of its bites.